Visits by world leaders to the US and China, by region
  • US
  • China
58Africa9Africa64Asia22Asia71Middle East2Middle East136W. Europe18W. Europe136E. Europe12E. Europe92N. America7N. America67S. America9S. America21Oceania11Oceania
92Africa47Africa107Asia145Asia102Middle East14Middle East139W. Europe57W. Europe90E. Europe56E. Europe79N. America18N. America56S. America14S. America14Oceania29Oceania
030609012015018021024027030083Africa172Africa90Asia287Asia63Middle East30Middle East96W. Europe94W. Europe65E. Europe112E. Europe34N. America39N. America25S. America30S. America16Oceania51Oceania
Source: US Department of State; China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; People’s Daily.
Notes: Data include multiple visits by leaders of the same country in a calendar year. Eastern Europe includes Russia and the Caucasus. North America includes the Caribbean.